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Teacher-Writer-B.A in Eng Lit & MA by Research(halfway)-I quit after my Proposal Presentation (RAs based on C.A.R.S Model was accepted by the panel)

My articles have been rejected four times by the same publication

Medium is an alien to me when I heard about it for the first time. I did not know what is Medium all about until I watched Shelby Church’s video on her YouTube channel. So, I searched for it on Google engine, but I did not become a paying member straight away. Thinking that I don’t have any clue on what to write or to be precise — I am uncertain if I can write an article even though I had experience in analyzing research articles (RAs) in the findings of introduction and rhetorical features between two different fields when…

Let — The — Photos — Speak

You might have read (or maybe not)my first article here in Photo Dojo which was published on February,12: I Know Nothing about Photography: I Bought a Digital SLR Camera — I Just Point-and-Click — And the Results Amazed Me. Well, I still have it — nicely kept, of course. Since it's Covid here-and-there around the world, so my darling Nikon D5000 is having a good rest at the moment, not RIP — No, not yet.

Below are random photos shot with GoPro HERO 8 which belongs to my friend, Sham. …

Never use your single mom or single dad status as a Berlin Wall to stop you from achieving your dreams.

Having done all the work and carrying out responsibilities on my own, I would say, it is not easy. There was a moment that I thought the world has never been a fair place to live in. I get questions about single motherhood almost all the time, as What do you do for extra income? How do you handle things? How do you prepare for it? — One answer to all these: I am struggling.

Are you happy to be a single mother?

I am prouder of my…

A tribute poem

Hey, mama’s boy,
You were born as a star,
You kept too many dead scars,
Inside you — no one could see,
You continued showing some glee.

Hey, mama’s boy,
Grew up without a father was not easy,
You were living happily with your uncle but not in Tenessee,
Mama came home some time to see,
With a brandy on her left hand—
and on her right was a bottle of whiskey.

Hey, mama’s boy,
Mama met you in the morning and left you at night,
Surely she thought her decision was right,
You were full of hatred and despair…

The Untold Talent of 12-Year-Old Girl from the Land Below the Wind

Did you know that Vincent van Gogh did not start painting until he reached the age of 27? And it was his brother, Theodore van Gogh who discovered his artistic talent and encouraged Vincent to concentrate more on his drawings.

Another quite-the-same story took place on the other side of the world — Sabah, the Land Below the Wind or also known as The North Borneo when it was still under the British colony. Born a little Bornean girl named Ameena Asyari — having the same passion as van Gogh — To admire arts.

Just like other ordinary kids, Ameena…

I started my LV collection quite late, somewhere around 2013. I purchased different models almost every year — and most of them are preloved items. I remember the first pre-owned bag I bought was belong to my friend — Berkeley in Damier Azur print. As my number of bag collection started to grow, I noticed that I have one habit— I liked to line up my bags, nicely, on a shelf, covered them with dustbags — safe and sound. Until one day I realized that there was no more space for all my bags and that was the very moment…

A Poem

On a quiet night,
I heard a quiet whisper in my ear.
On a quiet night,
I heard a few heavy footsteps walking down the stairs,
back and forth — and I was in fear.
On a quiet night,
a glimpse of someone’s silhouette — was standing outside the window, fearlessly — wanted to get in.
A shadow that I did not know,
faded into the moonlight.

On a quiet night,
He came into my dream —totally uninvited.
He was looking at me — with his soulless eyes.
Lenore! Lenore! — he whispered.
Be with me — he begged.
Leave him — leave Guy de…

The Girl with the Dark Brown Eyes

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